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Simple Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign ideas for your team

Cyber Security Awareness Month is well under way. Use this month to start a cyber safety conversation with your team.

This year’s theme is “Secure our world” highlighting the importance of people, knowledge and good behaviours when it comes to maintaining cyber safety..

If you haven't yet been engaging your employees with cyber safety this October, we've got some easy campaign ideas and free resources that you can use starting from today.

A simple cyber checklist

When it comes to cyber security, we hear a lot about the things we shouldn't be doing - do not reuse your passwords, do not use pet names or sports teams as passwords, do not connect to Wi-Fi networks you don’t recognise - but what should we be doing? Better still, what are the tiny changes that take five minutes that can help to keep us safe online?

That’s why we’ve created a cyber safety checklist for small businesses and their employees. The importance here is building small sustainable habits rather than trying to turn your people into cyber security wizards.

Designed to be tackled in small bite-sized chunks, you can spend the rest of Cyber Security Awareness Month chatting about the checklist, getting competitive about how many things you’ve ticked off, or sharing ways to complete the tasks.

Download it here (and if you use it make sure to tag us on LinkedIn or Twitter!).

All the visuals

Did you know that our brains can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds? Or that we can process visual content 60,000 times faster than we can read text?

Using visual communications such as social media graphics, posters, or infographics is a great way to get your message across quickly (let’s face it, as we head into week four of Cyber Security Awareness Month, time is of the essence), and to make them stick.

Whether it’s communicating the importance of setting strong passwords or an awareness message about looking out for phishing emails, an image can communicate it all.

And yes, cyber security is a serious topic, but that doesn't mean you can’t have fun with it. In fact, you should. Humour activates the brain's dopamine reward system, and stimulates goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory.

We can’t take credit for these, but we love these examples below…

Share stories, and focus on the people impact

Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts and statistics, and they make topics like cyber security relatable and human.

Encourage your people to share any personal stories they have relating to cyber safety, or any lessons they've learnt which they can relate to the topic.

Using real people is one of the best ways to humanise the subject, make cyber threats real, and make your staff prioritise good cyber security behaviours in their own lives.

Our cyber safety communications and behaviour change programme, CyberSafe, contains everything your people need to know to keep themselves and your organisation safe online.

It follows science-backed change management and behaviour change methodologies, proven to support long-term behaviour change.

Feeling stuck or need help bringing your communications ideas to life? Curious about what CyberSafe could do for your organisation? Send us an email or visit our website


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