Keep your people safe from cyber security attacks with our cyber safety communications and behaviour change programme. Let’s fix this together.

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9 out of 10 cyber security breaches are the result of human error. As cyber criminals become increasingly savvy, investing in technology alone is no longer enough to protect your organisation. 

There is nothing more important that you can do for your organisation than equip your people with the knowledge and skills to be cyber safe. But annual training course and the odd newsletter article aren’t enough; cyber security cannot be a one-off conversation.

Our response? CyberSafe.

You wouldn’t install a burglar alarm in your home and leave the front door unlocked. So why bother with firewalls and security if you don't invest in your people and changing their behaviour?

what is CyberSafe?

CyberSafe is our cyber safety communications and behaviour change programme. It contains everything your people need to know to keep them and your organisation, safe from cyber attacks.

Over 18 months we will help your organisation explore and have conversations about cyber crime to build engagement with the topic, and encourage lasting behaviour change.

The programme is composed of three key areas:

  • Raising awareness of cyber safety through engaging, targeted communications.

  • Developing the skills to be cyber safe through interactive learning.

  • Ensuring sustainable ways of managing cyber safety by embedding it into the fabric of your organisation.

the benefits

CyberSafe follows change management and behaviour change methodologies.


These scientifically proven methods are based on the principle that organisational change requires change at the individual level. Getting your people on board and engaged with cyber safety is key to keeping your cyber security high, and your cyber security investments worthwhile.

Creating Awareness and Desire through communications.

Develop Knowledge and Ability through interactive learning.

Reinforcement through embedding in the fabric of the organisation.

why do we care?

As Internal Communications specialists we understand the struggle of engaging people with cyber safety. But the nature of this rising threat makes it impossible to ignore. Over the last five years the cost of cyber crime to UK businesses has been an enormous £87 billion.


Instead of accepting that many people are uninterested in cyber safety, it is so important to find ways to make the messaging and conversation interesting to your people, across all levels of the organisation.


Our background in Internal Communications has given us invaluable experience in creating and distributing these effective, engaging, and easy-to-understand messages.

the details


Storytelling workshops

Messaging workshops

Cyber safety campaigns

Interactive learning

Cyber advocates programme

Guest speakers

Podcast series

Cyber crime news updates

Policy and process review

IT policy review

HR policy review

HR material review

Onboarding programme

find out more

We are open to discussing your needs and working out where exactly you need our help and advice.


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