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Inside Out takes on CyberFest 2021!

After 18 months in business, and the easing of all Covid restrictions, we have been so excited to get out there and meet our North East business community in person. Recently, we’ve even been able to chat and network with others in the same room for the first time in a year and a half!

Our founder and director Danielle Phillips had the pleasure of speaking at Dynamo’s CyberFest, the North East’s biggest cyber festival, organised by Dynamo’s cyber security cluster CyberNorth. Danielle spoke at CyberFest’s opening event on Tuesday 6 September - Cyber Security in a Rapidly Changing World.

It was a fantastic hybrid event with speakers located both at Newcastle University and online, and a wonderful launch to CyberFest 2021. The timely event featured some brilliant presentations and discussions about how we can better protect our organisations online from the ever changing landscape of cyber threats, including the impact of remote working on cyber security, managing security through zero trust networks, and the use of open source intelligence in ethical hacking.

The event also hosted an insightful talk by Newcastle University’s Chief Information Officers, Mark Ferrar and Jason Bain, who offered an explanation into the cyber security attack launched on the university in September 2020.

Last up was Danielle, who guided the audience through the importance of having a cyber safety conversation, and how you can do it the right way in 10 easy steps using CyberSafe, our very own cyber safety communications and behaviour change programme. If you want to find out more about what we’re doing with CyberSafe, check out the dedicated webpage or fill out the form to receive the brochure.

We are so pleased to bring a crucial piece of cyber communications business support to the market. In a cyber world where 9 out of 10 security breaches are the result of human error, we feel compelled to complement the efforts of the IT team, the anti-virus software, and the firewalls, with some good conversations, engagement and awareness raising.

Blending art with science

Inside Out also took part in the Creative Fuse North East and CyberFest collaboration: Cyber Eyes Wide Open. This interdisciplinary project explores how collaborations between art and technology can play a vital role in expanding public understanding of how the increasingly complex cyber threat can impact our lives.

Inside Out collaborated with artist Samantha Tweddle who created a piece entitled A Fragile World. At the exhibition launch held in the Athenaeum in Sunderland, Samantha unveiled the work and described how it showed the fragility of our personal information and data that we share on the internet. If well protected with good cyber hygiene, our personal information can stay safe inside a glass sphere, but if we click on the wrong link or are hacked, our fragile protective glass sphere can be smashed revealing all of our information inside.

You can hear Samatha talk about the work in her own words here.

'A Fragile World’, our tech and art collaboration as part of Cyber Eyes Wide Open.

Thank you to our wonderful artist Samantha Tweddle for creating such a work of art!

As the fourth CyberFest draws to a close at the end of the September, we wanted to give a special thanks to Phil Jackman for his hard work putting this fantastic event together. Your drive to bring the North East cyber community together each year is applaudable, and hugely appreciated.

And if you’ve read this far, a huge thank you for supporting Inside Out and your interest in what we’re getting up to. It’s all of you quiet supporters who take the time to read, like, comment on, share, and hopefully enjoy our content that inspire us to keep going!

If you missed Danielle and the other talented speakers at the CyberFest’s Cyber Security in a Rapidly Changing World event, you can catch the recording here.

Our cyber safety communications and behaviour change programme, CyberSafe, contains everything your people need to know to keep themselves and your organisation safe online. It follows science-backed change management and behaviour change methodologies, proven to support long-term behaviour change.

Getting your people on board and engaged with cyber safety is key to keeping your cyber security high, and your cyber security investments worthwhile. What are you waiting for?

Feeling stuck or need help bringing your communications ideas to life? Curious about what CyberSafe could do for your organisation? Send us an email or visit our website

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