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We’ve joined UCISA - Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association! Want to know why?

We’ve recently become members of a fantastic organisation, UCISA, the professional body for digital practitioners in Higher and Further Education.

For us, as an internal communications consultancy with a niche in the digital transformation, IT change and cyber safety communications space, a UCISA membership offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and innovative thinking with institutions and companies who are also working in this space to create forward-thinking, safer education environments for students today and tomorrow.

Not only do we have over 40 years’ collective experience working within HE and FE institutions, we’ve also spent the last two years working with some amazing Higher Education and EdTech clients, so we fully understand the challenges and opportunities the sector faces.

Change and transformation has never before been as front and centre in education as it is now, and with that there is the absolute need to bring people - both staff and students - along on the journey. For us, it’s important to be part of that conversation, led by UCISA, so we can support our existing clients with the key topics of the day, and share our own learnings.

Inside Out founder and Director, Danielle Phillips said, “UCISA is doing such a great job of bringing the very best digital leaders and thinkers in the HE and FE communities during a really critical time in the sector’s development.

The pandemic has changed the way education is being delivered and consumed, and opened up new opportunities for the sector. We’re keen to support our clients and partners as they navigate these major changes through excellent communications and engagement to ensure the changes are understood and stick.

We look forward to working with our colleagues in UCISA over the coming months and years.

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