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If we've learned one thing through the COVID-19 crisis, it's that clear communication is imperative to help people understand what they need to do to keep safe.

As you start to plan to return to work, clear communication and advice for your people will be critical. We can help you with this to ensure your staff are knowledgable about how they can work safely and feel confident to come back into the workplace.

If you're starting to consider how you can return to work, or how you can keep your employees up to date while they are working remotely, we're here to help.

how we can help

You'll have plenty to think about when you re-open your business, so we'll provide you with everything you need to communicate the new ways of working to your team.


Our package includes:

  • a one hour consultation with a change communications expert to understand your return to work plans

  • development of a bespoke communications plan tailored to the needs of your employees and business

  • creation of engaging communications collateral that clearly explains what is happening, giving clarity and certainty to your people

  • ongoing advice and support if you need it.

And we understand you are working against the clock, so we commit to having everything with you within 48 hours of the initial consultation.

For more information about how this could work in your business, contact us to arrange a no obligation chat today.

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